Life Science
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Frogs and Tadpoles
Learn about the life cycle of a frog as it changes from tadpole to adult with live bullfrog tadpoles!
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Quail Eggs and Incubators
Get the quail egg incubator, egg turner, quail eggs, and chick embryo study guide that you need to learn all about hatching quail eggs.
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Ocean and Water Life
Study aquatic life by observing Sea Monkeys and Triops, testing the pH of pond water, or using a marine biology coloring book.
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Field Guides
Our variety of guide books cover topics like animals and insects, fossils, rocks and minerals, weather, and more.
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Plants and Botany
View our selection of botany and gardening books, plant science study kits, seed packets, soil test kit, algae samples, plant presses.

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Life Science Products and Tools

Slides, life cycle kits, and more for life science labs.

What Others Are Saying About HST Life Science Kits
    • “We are loving our Butterfly Garden !!! The kids were amazed by how quickly the caterpillars grew fat & then hung from the top of the cup. We are watching our chrysalis everyday & can't wait for our Butterflys to emerge. It's SO nice to have everything we needed to do this fun life science lesson with the kids included in one kit. (Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Homeschool Edition)” — Angie B.
    • “In our homeschool this year, we are doing Botany so I thought we'd buy this set of prepared slides. They arrived last week and I've seen them out everyday since - even the neighbor kids have looked at them. We all love the pollen slide and were interested to see that it LOOKS like it would make you sneeze. (Botany Slide Set)” — Holly B.
    • “I purchased this book, along with the wildflower and tree guides to use for Nature Walks in our homeschool this coming year. I'm pleased with the pocket-size as it will be easy to carry along with us. My children have already started to find birds that frequent our yard. We will use this often in the years to come! (Birds Golden Guide)” — Kelly

    Life Science for Kids: Ignite Curiosity and Learning

    Even the most reluctant learners can quickly develop a deep fascination with life science. As most children have an innate love for animals, delving into life science is an excellent way to harness their enthusiasm for education. Explore our top-selling resources now! Discover science kits, educational toys, and everything you need for your kids' upcoming science experiments. Our diverse range of life science categories and learning materials will simplify your search.Young learners can embark on exciting journeys, such as witnessing metamorphosis and life cycles by nurturing tadpoles into frogs. Hatch chicken or quail eggs with our incubators, which not only teaches responsibility but also provides insights into the world of birds. Our insect collection kits allow kids to come face to face with the fascinating realm of bugs. And caring for a terrarium will demonstrate to your student how ecosystems support life.At Home Science Tools, we offer an extensive selection of DIY STEM kits and science toys that will fulfill your young scientist's wishes. Explore owl pellets and comprehensive kits to educate kids about food chains. Our nature kits and field guides transform every outdoor adventure into a learning experience. Dive into ocean and water life activities to impart knowledge about underwater biological processes.From the tiny insects and plants in soil to amphibians inhabiting both land and water, and the birds soaring through the sky, there are countless avenues for exploring life science with your kids. What exciting discoveries will your young scientists make?
    A variety of insect collector kits, backpack kits for rockhounds, plant slides and presses, and animal lifecycle kits.