Glassware & Plasticware
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We offer a wide variety of high-quality glass beakers and plastic beakers perfect for any lab. Buy them as a set or individually.
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Flasks that are Erlenmeyer, round bottom, filtered, and more. We have an assortment of flasks for boiling, heating, cooling, mixing, and storing chemical solutions.
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Graduated Cylinders
Our graduated cylinders range in size from 10 to 1000 ml and are made of borosilicate glass or durable polypropylene or polystyrene.
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Test Tubes
Browse glass and plastic test tubes, wooden or plastic test tube racks, and other test tube equipment.
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Browse our wide variety of laboratory funnels, made from glass, plastic, and porcelain, in several sizes.
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Choose from a large selection of assorted-sized burettes with stopcocks, plus ring stands and clamps to lock them safely into place.
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Pipettes and Droppers
We offer a variety of pipettes and lab droppers to help you be precise when transferring liquid and conducting experiments.
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Bottles and Jars
Get glass or plastic containers for storing your solutions and mixtures safely. Find a wide range of sizes and types.
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Spot Plates
Watch reactions take place in a controlled space with our spot plates in a variety of different materials.
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Evaporating Dishes
Check out our variety of porcelain and glass evaporating dishes with depressions making them useful for covering beakers and preventing condensation from escaping.
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Mortar and Pestles
Shop our selection of mortars and pestles to elevate your lab. Use them to grind solid chemicals and crush them into fine powders.
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Find crucibles and crucibles with lids that are rated to withstand high heat. Shop clay triangles to support crucibles when heating to high temperatures.
Best Sellers in Lab Glassware & Plasticware

Chemistry & Laboratory Glassware

Real scientific glassware and plasticware for your home, school, and lab needs. 

Get the chemistry glassware and plasticware you need for your home or school! All HST products come with our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

What Others Are Saying About HST Glassware & Plasticware
    • “We needed this to finish my son's 10th grade science fair project. It was just what we needed and delivered quickly! (Graduated Cylinder, polypropylene, 100 mL)” — Cathy H.
    • “Very well made, valve seals tight and aperture drains at a workable speed (not TOO fast and not too slow!) . The cap has an excellent nonbreakable plastic seal. (Separatory Funnel, 1000 mL Squibb style)” — David A.
    • “These beakers are really good quality and lots of fun for homeschool experiments. Love having real science tools to make experiments more exciting. (Glass Beaker Set of 5)” — Justine K.

    Laboratory Glassware Accuracy

    Our glassware has high-quality transparency, which makes it easier for students to read markings and measurements. For glass titrations, that means reliable and repeatable results. HST glassware doesn't leach chemicals, so your work will stay free of contamination. Perhaps most important, your students will feel like real scientists using real laboratory glassware during labs. Choose from glass beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders, test tubes, funnels, bottles, whole chemistry kits (including our deluxe chemistry glassware set), and supporting equipment: crucibles, evaporating dishes, mortar and pestles, stoppers, tubing, and spot plates

    Chemistry Glassware Durability

    All our glassware is made with durable, chemical-resistant GG17 borosilicate glass (silica content of 80%). Silica, which makes up 59% of the Earth's crust, is known for its mechanical strength; GG17 allows our glassware to withstand high "thermal shocks," or damage caused by sudden swings in temperature. You'll be able to conduct chemistry experiments over heat without fearing broken glassware. That said, should your beaker, test tube, etc. become scratched or cracked, replace it to lower any risk of injury.

    Plasticware Durability

    HST's chemistry plasticware, made from strong polypropylene, is an affordable option for any lab work that doesn't require glassware. It's shatterproof, light weight, and durable. It may also be recyclable. Many customers choose plasticware for elementary school students and other young scientists. You can ensure a long shelf life for your equipment by taking two precautions: First, never put plasticware over an open flame or a hot surface, where it is likely to melt or catch fire! However, you may be able to microwave our plasticware in certain circumstances. Second, never use plasticware to hold strong acids, bases, or solvents — avoid very high and very low pH numbers. When in doubt, check the specs of the equipment and the safety sheet of the chemical. Choose from plastic beakers, graduated cylinders, test tubes, funnels, bottles, jars, and stoppers

    Cleaning & Storing Your Laboratory Glassware

    Glass lab equipment works best when it’s clean and free from residue. Always wash your glass equipment after using it — the sooner, the better. This helps ensure chemicals don’t stick. You can use non-abrasive liquid soap to clean it by hand. You can also run borosilicate glassware through your dishwasher or an autoclave (in most cases) to sterilize it. Let your laboratory glassware air dry. Store your glass lab equipment in a place free from dust and where it's in a stable position where it won’t easily roll or fall. Test tube racks are a great investment!

    Caring for Your Chemistry Plasticware

    The processes for cleaning and storing your scientific glassware and plasticware are similar. Wash the latter by hand, in a sink, with liquid soap and a soft cloth or sponge. You can also run most plasticware through a dishwasher using the top rack. Keep drying temperature under 140F to ensure the integrity of the equipment.

    Stock Up on Lab Glass Equipment

    If you are buying in bulk for your school or university laboratory, our HST glassware and plasticware is available at a discount!
    Shop our wide variety of chemistry glassware and lab plasticware for home, school and laboratory.