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Home Microscopes by HST
Our line of high-quality microscopes are built with the student in mind. Our best-selling microscopes also have a lifetime guarantee!
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Kids Microscopes
Kids microscopes and kits provide a hands-on introduction for beginners on how to use a microscope and learning about microorganisms.
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Student Microscopes
A variety of microscopes for all education levels including middle and high school, college students, and lifelong learners.
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Laboratory Microscopes
Check out top-quality biological microscopes for university, veterinary, biological, or other clinical applications.
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Compound Microscopes
Compound microscopes are a great way to take a closer look at the microscopic world. Each has two sets of lenses to create a higher magnification.

Bestselling Microscopes and Accessories


Check out our wide selection of popular microscopes. Our best-sellers include compound, digital and stereo microscopes for kids, teenagers, students, professionals, and lifetime learners. 

From Our Resource Center

Discover the microscopic world of life that exists beyond the naked eye. Browse our microscope activities and projects that reveal the tiny mysteries all around us. Make your own slides, see how microscopes help solve crimes, and more!

How to Choose the Right Microscope

When you're looking at microscopes for sale, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right one for you. Is a compound microscope what you need? Or is a stereo microscope the way to go? Does the price fit your budget? Is there a difference between microscopes for kids and microscopes for teenagers? What type of eyepiece and objective lenses, phase contrast, light source, electron beam, total magnification, and different angles should you be considering? We get it! Investing in a microscope is an important decision for your budget and your child's education. 

Whether you need student microscopes for life science experiments, full biological microscope systems for high school, or hobbyist microscopes for weekend projects, we offer high-quality equipment for investigating small objects and the microscopic world around you.Here are a few best-selling microscopes that we offer to meet your learning goals:
  • Compound microscopes (great for brightfield microscopy!)
  • Digital microscopes
  • Light microscopes and fluorescence microscopes (optical microscopes)
  • Dissecting microscopes
  • Monocular, Binocular, and Trinocular microscopes
In addition to our selection of affordable microscopes for sale, we also offer a variety of free resources to help guide you along your learning journey. Find worksheets and experiments, a gift guide, a brief history of microscopes, and more. With our lifetime guarantee on HST microscopes, your first microscope purchase might be your last. We also offer a variety of professional microscope models if you're looking to upgrade!
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much is a microscope? The cost of a microscope can vary greatly depending on your needs. 
  • What are three types of microscopes? There are many types of microscopes out there. If you're not sure where to begin, check out our to find the perfect microscope for you! Here are three of the most common microscope types:
    • Compound microscopes
    • Stereo or dissecting microscopes
    • Digital Microscopes
  • What is a good microscope? For anyone looking for a brand new microscope , or maybe even their first microscope, we highly recommend our affordable, durable, and easy-to-se Home LED Microscope. This 5-star microscope model is a customer favorite! With it, you'll get the same quality and features as other high-school-level microscopes at a more affordable price. It's ease-of-use and high-quality components make it a great choice for students, science-lovers, and hobbyists of all ages!