Physics & Engineering
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Electricity & Electronics
Find what you need to learn about electricity with our solar energy kit, electronic labs, motors, snap circuits kits, and more.
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Engineering Kits
Inspire your engineer with our Mega Cyborg Hand or build a variety of motors or your own skyscraper with our wide variety of engineering kits.
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Sound and Wave Motion
Find tools and kits for demonstrating wave motion, like tuning forks, a Slinky, and our best-selling Science Foundation Series Physics kits.
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Force & Motion
Learn more about essential physics principles like inertia, friction, inclined planes, pulleys, gears & flight. 
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Light and Optics
Check out our selection of light and optics equipment including lenses and mirrors, magnifying glasses, radiometer, binoculars, and spectroscopes.
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Magnets & Magnetism
We offer a wide selection of magnets ranging from super-strong neodymium to magnetic marbles, and magnetism kits and supplies.
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Measurement Equipment
Find tools and equipment for measurement experiments in physics and physical science labs like digital scales, thermometers, balances, and more.
Bestsellers in Physics and Engineering

Physics and Engineering Tools & Equipment

Shop our wide variety of physics and engineering tools, equipment, STEM kits and more for learners of all ages. 

From Our Resource Center

See the laws of force and motion at work with physics and engineering science projects and activities. Suck an egg into a bottle, build a diy solar car, learn about simple machines and more. Check out our Resource Center for more diy physics and engineering activities for the entire family to learn together.

Affordable physics activities and diy engineering projects for hands-on learning experiences!

Through the study of physics, learn the natural laws of matter, motion, force, and time. Understand light, sound, magnetism, and how our senses filter our experience of the world.Technology gives us the ability to use natural forces in new ways! It helps us to transform sunlight into power or electricity into light through solar energy. Engineering, programming, and robotics elevates STEM studies and helps develop a better understanding of the technology available to us. Discover new possibilities and how the world works with our easy-to-use physics kits and engineering tools. Engineering for kids can be more interesting, fun, and accessible than every before with our variety of robotics, smart machine kits, solar energy, diy wind turbines, solar cars, and electricity science kits.We also offer a selection of physics tools and equipment such as digital scales, thermometers, balances, masses and weights, and other measuring tools. Students become engineers learning about flight, motion, and machines. They become computer scientists as they discover new programming languages. Start exploring today with our variety of beginner and advanced kits and equipment!