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Gifts by Interest
Do you need help choosing the best gift for your child? Shop our top science gifts by choosing their favorite subject.
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Gifts by Age
Encourage your child's love for science no matter their age. Choose the age range for your child, and browse our variety of popular science gifts for biology, chemistry, STEM, and more!
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Ultimate Science Gifts
Shop our ultimate science gifts and find the perfect gift for everyone on your list! Our best-selling science kits are the perfect solution to gift shopping needs.
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Stocking Stuffers
Stuff their stocking with science! Our variety of science stocking stuffers are perfect for children of every age.
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Science Gifts for Kids
Looking for the perfect gift for your child? If they love science, look no further. These hands-on kits are the perfect present for your hands-on science lover!
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Popular Science Gifts
Find the perfect gift for your young scientist with our selection of best-selling science gifts. We have the perfect gift for your rock hound, nature lover, and chemist in the making.
Science Gifts for Girls

Science Gifts for Girls

Science gifts for girls from toddler to teenager & beyond.

Find fun and exciting science gifts for girls of all ages here! Choose from a curated selection of educational products - including many of our bestsellers - designed to stimulate her thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

All HST science gifts and educational toys come with our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

These science gift ideas for girls include robotic kits, gadgets, STEM toys, engineering & building toys, chemistry kits, DIY & experiment kits, & other science toys, science kits & science sets for her home science lab! Here, you can find all sorts of high-quality science gifts for your young scientist that are affordable, relevant, & fun. We even provide engaging & creative stem gifts for girls that offer rich educational insights into science, technology, engineering, and math.

Animal life cycle kits, like butterfly gardens and frog hatchery science kits, will wow her with the miracle of metamorphosis. Rocks & mineral collecting science sets will reward her for playing in the dirt. DIY science experiment kits, like our Bath Bomb Science Kit, the Thames & Kosmos Perfume Science Kit, our Crystal Growing Kit, and our Slime Kit for Kids, will inspire creativity and allow her to explore and learn about chemical reactions. Engineering & building kits, like the Snap Circuits Kits, will help her to develop problem-solving & knowledge of electronics. And telescopes direct your little scientist's gaze out of this world.

Look through the gift guide below to discover the science toys & kits that would make the best gifts for your scientific explorer! You can also check out our Science Gifts by Age and Science Gifts by Interest for more excellent science gift ideas.

Still looking for a science gift for the girl in your life?

Bestselling Science Gifts

Science Gifts

Discover the perfect cool science gifts, gadgets, and tech for kids, families, and adult science lovers.


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How do you choose the perfect gift for someone who has everything? DIY science gifts are a great gift for anyone!

Discover the perfect science gifts for every occasion.

Shop our diverse selection of educational toys, gadgets, and kits to find the ideal science gift tailored to age, interest, or budget.Science isn't just a subject; it's an open invitation to explore!Ignite a passion for science and curiosity in enthusiasts of all ages with our captivating science gifts. Our collection caters to all types of science lovers offering unique toys, kits, and collectibles for hands-on discovery. These engaging products are designed not only for self-professed "science geeks" or "science nerds" but for everyone keen on hands-on exploration.Experience the best of both worlds with gifts that are not only entertaining but also educational. With our curated kits, individuals of all ages can:Embark on a browsing journey and treat kids and young scientists to new adventures, investigations, and transformations with our engaging and unique science gifts.

Searching for a standout science gift for a science teacher or another adult in your life? Explore our best-selling beaker coffee mug and wonderfully nerdy science wine glasses!

Create lasting memories with quality products and kits that the whole family will enjoy. Elevate your gift-giving experience with science gifts that inspire curiosity and make learning an exciting adventure for everyone.