Late Elementary and Middle School Science Learning

The Accelerate level of Science Unlocked is designed for most students in third grade through seventh grade (ages 8-12). The learning experiences include more reading and writing than they do at the Wonder level, but care has been taken not to overwhelm students with content as they develop important science skills. Accelerate level activities and text emphasize personal connections to natural phenomena and ways they apply to everyday life.

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Each Kit Includes
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  • Step-by-step experiment processes and materials
  • Teachers Guide
  • Reading passages
  • Student assessments
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Accelerate Biology Bundle

$280.00  $249.99

Explore the six Accelerate-level kits included

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How’s It Growin’?

Plant Resources and How to Get Them

Discover the world of plant growth including the variety in plant parts, plant needs, and what plants will do to meet their needs.
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Eye Spy

Spotlight on Structure and Function for Survival

Open your eyes to the unique traits that make species perfectly suited to survive in their habitats.
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Seeking Survival

The Role of Relationships and Biodiversity

Learn the intricacies of ecological relationships by simulating pollinator and plant relationships and testing predator behavior.
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Hungry for Change

Connecting Populations and the Environment

Make connections between populations and the environment while discovering an amazing insect that breaks down plastics.

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Making Sense of Senses

Traveling Through the Brain

Discover synesthesia and make a brain hat to learn how the brain processes your senses which allows you to experience the world.
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Magnificent Magnification

Bringing an Unseen World into Focus

Look into the microscopic world of plants and animals by creating your own slides, and explore the smaller side of life!

Accelerate Chemistry Bundle

$290.00  $259.99

Explore the six Accelerate-level kits included

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Warm and Bright

Exploring Thermal Energy

Explore thermal energy including how it works at the particle level by exploding balloons and creating a drink insulator.
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Energy to Burn

Connections Between Chemical and Thermal Energy

Explore the changes involved in storing and releasing energy from food. Build a calorimeter and experiment with your food!

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Fizz, Foam, and Fire

An Introduction to Chemical Reactions

Perform chemical reactions to identify chemical change and determine whether reactions are endothermic or exothermic.
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Contain Your Excitement

Changes in Matter and Mass

Experiment to understand matter at a particle level and learn how mass is conserved when matter changes during physical and chemical change.
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Water: Weird and Wonderful

Molecular Structure and Properties

Discover all that water can do, and find out how molecular structure determines its unique properties.
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Mega Molecules

Polymers in Biology and Beyond

Explore the unique world of polymers by creating polymers and testing foods for protein, carbohydrate and lipid macromolecule.

Earth & Space Bundle

$305.00  $269.99

Explore the six Accelerate-level kits included

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The Dark Side

Patterns of the Sky

Observe patterns on Earth and in our galaxy by creating a constellation, sketching the sky, and observing unusual Moon traits.
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Feeling the Pressure

Predicting Weather Patterns

Experiment with temperature and pressure to develop an understanding of weather and how to predict it.
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Hazards and Humans

Natural Hazards Prediction and Protection

Analyze data, design solutions, and discover climate connections to understand how humans predict and prevent damage from natural hazards.
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Raining on our Parade

The Impact of Acid on the Environment

Investigate the impact of acid rain and ocean acidification by testing how pH impacts the man-made and natural world.

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Rocks and Resources

Modeling the Rock Cycle and Earth’s Natural Resources

There’s more that lies below the surface of the earth. Learn how rocks are formed, where they come from, and Earth’s natural resources.
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Beneath Our Feet

Earth’s Constantly Changing Surface

Learn how Earth’s surface has changed and keeps changing by examining fossils, modeling tectonic plates, and making mountains.

Accelerate Physics Bundle

$285.00  $259.99

Explore the six Accelerate-level kits included

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Funny Forces

Incredible Inventions with Simple Machines

Experiment with air pressure, discover simple machines in everyday items, and design your own incredible invention.
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Power of Magnets

Investigations into Magnetic Fields and Forces

Feel the pull toward this physics kit and get hands-on with magnets to find out what they can do and how they do it.
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Controlling Collisions

Energy Transfer and Design

Crash into this physics kit to learn how materials and the structure of design impact the ability to withstand collisions.

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Wave Wisdom

Patterns of Energy and Information Transfer

Learn what waves are, what they do, and how people use them by doing some wavy water tricks, making gummies glow, and “catching” microwaves.
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The Light Trap

Investigating Light and Pigments

Investigate light’s role in energy transfer and sight, and find out how pigments connect science, art, and society.
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No Wires Necessary

Exploring Electricity with Circuits

Investigate the conductivity of materials, testing parallel and series circuits, and designing a model circuit of a home.
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